800 meters of “I can do it mum”.

I am at the school athletics carnival and it’s a buzz of activity. Arriving late, once there my kids run to me on arrival excitedly telling me about their achievements. More...

MathsOnline – Your child’s clever tutor, and your new best friend.


This was crazy. I had to find a new maths program for the kids. The ones that school had so far provided as “their homework” was turning out far too often to be mine! More...

How To Get Your Preschooler More Independent By Danielle Mantakoul

how to make preschoolers more independent

Teaching a skill such as independence must start early. Danielle Mantakoul Early Childhood Teacher shows you how to get your preschooler more independent. With kids the goal More...

shopping trolley

Quick, where can I hide the trolley?

I love grocery shopping. I take my time, click on a few Pokemon stops for my daughter as I shop, look for bargains so I can proudly show hubby to gain instant approval with the More...

I Can’t Get Rid Of My Kids Toys! Hubby Loses Mancave to My Little Pony and Friends

Spring is chuck the junk time. I was reminded of this when I went into Aidan’s room, looked at the chaos, thought for a second “oh he doesn’t play with that anymore” More...

What Your Sleep Pattern Says About You

types of sleep positions

Do you sleep too little, fancy frequent naps or love to curl up for a solid night’s slumber in the foetal position? More...

The Rate Rise Cometh – tactics to save your hip pocket

health insurance savings

For those of us who have a family, we can safely say people without children have no idea how much a family truly More...

nutella oreo mousse Nutella Oreo Mousse – Simply the perfect chocolate marriage

Ingredients: 600mls thickened cream 750g jar of Nutella 6-8 full sized Oreo biscuits 1 packet of...

Berry Sunflower Cakes Berry Sunflower Cakes – getting ready for summer in the kitchen!

Ingredients: 1 3/4 cups plain flour 1 1/2 tspns baking powder 1/4 tspn bicarbonate of soda Small...

choc chip cake Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake – a must do chocky cake By Emma-Louise Cooke

Ingredients: 2 cups plain flour 1 1/2 tspns baking powder 1/2 tspn bicarbonate of soda One grind...

Ruby Cobblestone – The Inventor (Child Friendly Minecraft Stories)

Ruby Cobblestone Dragon Mother Minecraft Stories

Busy inventor Penguin King has been hard at work with his new creation and must now put it through testing before More...

Ruby Cobblestone – Oh Christmas Tree (Child Friendly Minecraft Stories)

Ruby and Pammie are in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Will they find it, or spend the holidays with no..

Ruby Cobblestone – The Friend (Child Friendly Minecraft Stories)

The story of two unlikely friends. (Warning, the more sensitive viewer may need a tissue)..

Our Lives With Nephrotic Syndrome Written By Danielle Mantakoul

nephrotic syndrome

I have been off the radar. Why? My youngest son Will has Nephrotic Syndrome where his immune system attacks More...

5 Tips for Caring for Sick Children

There are few things more stressful and anxiety-provoking than caring for sick children. Often, it is difficult to know exactly how..

Masterchef Judge Sends his Child to McDonalds Party with a Packed Lunch

There is a lot of fuss today after a Masterchef judge sends his child to McDonalds parties with a packed lunch...

Ribbon Branch

This ribbon branch is perfect for preschoolers and early school aged children. Great to begin to teach tying knots and general..
Love Bug Cupcakes

Love Bug Cupcakes

These Love Bug cupcakes will have anyone smiling, and the best part is they suit many an occasion. Valentines Day, Fairy..

Danielle Mantakoul’s Behaviour Management Toolbox

As our children grow we find that we need to start putting into place some behaviour management strategies. When our kids..

Ready Set School – Your guide to being school ready

Can’t recall all those handy hints and tricks from Danielle Mantakoul’s Ready Set School evening?   No worries, we got you covered...