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34 Uses for the Good Old Cloth Nappy

34 Uses for the Good Old Cloth NappyTime for honesty. This year I turn 35. Anyone out there the same age as me or older may remember the old cloth nappies that were used on us as babies. My mum even kept a couple of them to use as rags as I was growing up. Before I had kids I had grand plans of using cloth nappies instead of disposable as I am an ambassador for Mother Earth. It didn’t last, in fact it didn’t even get off the ground. I tried a few times and then had to make my apologies to nature and give in to the easy route, but I’ve never looked back. I did though buy a few sets of the old style cloth nappies (which aren’t easy to find I tell you) and I have used them religiously for the last 6.5 years, just not in the way they were intended. I’d like to share with you how these lovely white mini-towels have made my life a lot easier. First hint, if you have a new pack of them, wash them a couple of times SEPARATELY before using to get off the fluff.

For breastfeeding and babies in general they are useful for:
1. Moping up little milk chucks
2. Folding to make a cushion to support baby’s head while being carried or held in arms
3. Supporting and moisture absorbing for the breasts while sleeping
4. Draping across the chest to save bubbas face sticking to a sweaty neck in summer
5. Draping across the shoulder while burping
6. Lying across for tummy-time
7. Rolling up into a cylinder to place underneath babies’ arms and chest for support during tummy-time
8. Rolling up a milk bottle in when taking it out for the day, keeping milk temporarily insulated
9. Temporary change mats
10. Emergency nappies (see diagrams below)
11. Draping over baby’s head and bare breast for coverage when breastfeeding in public (if desired)
12. Dribbling a few drops of Eucalyptus oil onto and placing under baby’s head during sleep when suffering from nasal congestion
13. Bath time. You can never have too many towels lying around

And of course there is the actual intended purpose, the nappy. Fold as pictured:

But it doesn’t stop there. As baby shifts to solids, the usefulness of the cloth nappy continues for:
14. Moping faces and hands of a solid-eating baby
15. Moping faces of a milk-drinking baby
16. Cushioning sharp furniture edges temporarily
17. Providing a little seat or cushion for babies learning how to sit up
18. Gently elevating the head for sinus issues

The little white towels prove useful for a toddler too in:
19. Laying under the sleep suit in the middle of the night when having soaked through the night nappy and suit – rather than having to change the whole outfit in the middle of the night
20. Using as a first pillow
21. Leaving around the eating area for little spills (and big spills)
22. When suffering from teething nappy rash they make better bottom nappies to let the skin breathe a little
23. Starting toilet training, because they provide the wetness feeling

As we move into Preschooler age they are great for kids:
24. To have around the eating areas for them to mop their own spills
25. Eating drippy foods and fruit as a placemat
26. To use as props at playtime (my daughter loved using them as nappies on her babies)
27. During home medical situations like ear drops, eye drops, dressing changes etc

And of course then there is me, who manages to continue to find new purposes for the little beauties, such as:
28. In the kitchen – everything
29. Moping the floors
30. Make great fly swatters
31. Rags for the more industrial stuff when get too old and threadbare
32. Sweat rags and taking to the gym
33. Giving to my grandma, she loves them too!
34. And even using them over the top of doors to make sure they don’t slam

The list is endless. I think if I tried I could discover a new function for cloth nappies everyday. They are just so easy to use, absorb well, wash well and last well. Easy to pack into a bag, or you could just be like me and spend half a year walking around with one flung over my shoulder. Either way, highly recommended for any new mum.

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    There are so many kinds of cloth nappies these days, but I still find the old type very useful too!

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