Published On: Wed, Jan 28th, 2015

5 Household Cleaning Tips for Hay Fever Sufferers

hay fever1Hay fever can be triggered by almost anything. It can be seasonal, dietary, or something else in the current environment. The symptoms can also disappear as quickly as they come on. Hay fever can be uncomfortable and tricky to combat, but having a clean household is the first step to reducing any triggers. Here are some cleaning tips for hay fever sufferers that any professional cleaning company, such as AMC Cleaning, would surely agree with.

1. Wipe Down Surfaces
Dust and dirt accumulate very quickly. The trick is to keep all surfaces clean and as dust-free as possible. It is impossible to create a 100% dust-free environment, but taking small steps like wiping down counters, shelves, bookcases, and other common household items will help to severely reduce dust triggers.

2. Vacuum Regularly
Allergens can build up in surfaces and carpets, which will then trigger hay fever. Carpets can hold a lot of allergens without you realising it. Dust, dead skin, loose hair, and other stray items can embed themselves in your carpet for long periods. Make sure to vacuum common areas regularly. Also vacuum couches and other soft surfaces around the house.

3. Wear Clean Clothes
Allergens, pollen, dirt, and dust can build up on your clothes during the day. If you have hay fever sufferers in your home, try to get everyone into the habit of changing their clothes immediately at the end of the day. By putting on fresh clothes when you get home, you are limiting the amount of allergens that come from elsewhere and plant themselves in your house. Outside allergens from clothes can get into couches, carpets, beds, and other surfaces, no matter how clean you keep your home.

4. Always Wash Your Hands
Keep hands clean. Throughout the day, you may use the toilet several times and wash your hands immediately afterwards. What about the rest of the day? You touch kids, strangers’ hands, door handles, car doors, food, and a multitude of other foreign surfaces. Your hands are never actually clean for more than a few minutes at a time. By constantly washing your hands or using hand sanitiser, especially at home, you are reducing germs and other allergens from building up.

5. Keep Windows Shut and Keep Window Panes Clean
Pollen can easily come in through your open windows and build up on the window sill. Keep theshay fevere areas clean both inside and outside. Dirt will build up on the outside of your window sill and blow in as soon as you open it. If you can, keep windows shut during pollen season. Keep as many allergens outside as you can and make sure to wipe down window panes before opening windows that have been closed for a long time.

The cleaning tips listed above do not apply only to hay fever suffers. Allergens spread just the same way as germs and other bacteria. Keep your family safe by taking a proactive approach to keeping them away. Do you have any other tips for hay fever sufferers? Share them in the comments section below.

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