Published On: Sun, Jun 21st, 2015

A Month With The Apple Watch – a mums take on the sought after device

Apple watch3When the iPad first appeared on TV I turned to my husband and said, “I would LOVE one of those”. Now years later I was saying exactly the same thing about the Apple Watch with my husband also responding with the same rolling of his eyes he had given me 5 years before. He calls me the techno peasant, and while I agree, I do however know what I will use or not, so started to list for him the ways an Apple Watch could assist me. I tried also telling him it would clean the car and take care of the kids, but he is such a non-believer!

But seriously, after now having worn the Apple Watch for a month, I can honestly say that if I no longer had it I would miss it. A necessity… far from…. a toy for sure but a fun one at that.

I quickly discovered it was a slave to my iPhone for example, if I walked more than 50meters away from my phone, the watch would no longer be able to receive information. Sure the time keeps going as too the fitness details it collects, but as for emails, texts and calls they won’t come through. I found the little red light at the top of the screen handy telling me when my watch was out of range. This wasn’t a problem though as I could count the times on one hand I am more than 50meters away from my purse.

Things I really loved about the watch may not be as you would expect. Viewing emails? No. Receiving texts? No. Not even answering calls from my watch was at the top of my list as COOL as this was, Dick Tracy eat ya heart out. Sure these things were handy, but I could do without.

It was checking the weather in a heartbeat for Will’s soccer training and the temperature for the day to Apple watch1see if Bella was going to need that singlet underneath her uniform. It was having quick access to shut that alarm off reminding me to pick up the kids up from school. I am not one to put my phone in the same place in my bag, it tends to get “thrown” in there so I have throughly enjoyed simply pressing that “dismiss” button on my wrist. It was replying to my husband’s text by voice when I was trying to juggle dinner for the kids along with getting ready for work. I am amazed at how precise it is. The last time I used voice recognition all I recall is saying “no no no no no” to the stupid thing, so inaccurate! The Apple Watch rarely makes a mistake here.

I have found it beneficial visually seeing how active I had been throughout the day. That circular gizmo that shows your daily movement and calories is perfect for me. I would much rather look at a representative picture than a bunch of numbers. The Apple Watch certainly encouraged me to move my butt, so I imagine for the die hard exercise goers out there, the watch could be worth it just for this element alone.

I have enjoyed changing the watch face to suit my mood. Motion butterflies and flowers for my eezy breezy side, and numbers and details for my business side. I will never get tired looking at that butterfly!

Battery life didn’t phase me and I actually found it lasted longer than I expected. At one stage I wore the watch for 2 days before needing to put it on the charger. No biggie to charge it each night.

While the watch looks cumbeapple watch2rsome, I found it surprisingly comfortable and often forgot it was on my wrist.

It was handy not having to go and check my phone or laptop as often for emails. A quick glance at my watch and I knew what needed immediate attention. But I found this also a detriment. Having emails, texts and social media in your face 18 hours a day especially on the weekends when I was with the kids did me little service. It’s great having this stuff at your fingertips, but it can take your time away from the kids if you are not careful. I have taken to ignoring these notifications when with my children. If it’s the weekend, any actioning can wait till their bedtime.

While I can certainly see areas that need developing, I am still thoroughly enjoying the Apple Watch and have no doubt that many mums out there would too.

By Danielle Mantakoul
Copyright 2015

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