Published On: Sat, Nov 1st, 2014

Alien Buddies App

Alien Buddies AppBy Artgig
Ag Recommendation 3-7 years.

Now who doesn’t love a cute little alien? Artgig have taken these little guys and used them to bring mathematics fun to your kids through four different games.

The activities are matching, puzzles play, dot to dot and stickering.  Within the matching game your child can match colour, shape, letters and numbers. Kids can either match through listening to instructions, or by seeing what they have been asked to match. So nice to see both options present here.

The puzzle play presents the child with 16 different puzzles of little aliens with the options of four, six or eight pieces to work with. The dot to dot also has 16 pictures to choose from but with the ability to assist the child with a ‘what number is next’ option by highlighting it, perfect for the younger child.

Each game can in fact be adapted to suit differing abilities. My favourites here are being able to take the numbers to 50 and matching not just letters, but lower to upper case.

As you work through the app you are rewarded with stickers that you can then use on the eight scenes. Kids are provided with a good selection of stickers to use, both existing and ones you earn as you learn.

Now I know music doesn’t make a good educational app by any stretch of the imagination, but the accompanying music fits right in there with the cute alien theme.  It’s fun, bouncy, comical, and adds to the appeal.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch & iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
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