Published On: Tue, Sep 15th, 2015

Aquarium Box

What you will neeAquarium Boxd:
Pipe Cleaners
Pencils or markers
Empty strawberry box
Character stencils or paper to draw your own fish
Sticky Tape

What to do:
Start by cleaning your strawberry box well. To get any residue off the lid where the label sits simply give it a wipe with a little nail polish remover. Get kids to create their scene by choosing either stencil pictures or drawing their own sea critters. Once chosen, coloured and cut out, stick these to the inside back of the box. On the bottom of the strawberry box place a simple background attaching this also with tape but to the outside. Now place in a small piece of playdough for the aquarium floor, this not only looks great but gives the aquarium weight helping it to not tip over. Lastly stick in your pipe cleaners as seaweed. We stuck our aquarium box on the outside of the fish tank, but they also look great on kids bedroom windows and fridges.

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