Published On: Mon, Dec 8th, 2014

Baby Chef App

Baby Chef app2By My First App
Age Recommendation 2+years.
One for the toddlers for sure, but even some of the under 2’s would have fun with this one, and the preschoolers would still be able to appreciate the application for what it is.  This game is mistake free, making it even more perfect for the littlies. Creativity, design, food labelling, positioning and imagination all come into play here.

The games give you 12 different pages of food themes. Cake decorating, pizza making, creating hamburgers, breaky plates, salad, hot food, fruit salad, sushi, ice cream, soup and a treat plate. Within each theme, there are around 8 different food items for kids to place on the plate. The amount though that kids can put on the place seems limitless.

Nice idea being able to save the picture, but it would of been even better if you could pretend to eat the creation, or press a button and some little food monster came along and ate it so there was some sort of completion to the making of the food item.

The game offers the opportunity for a good amount of language if you sit with the bubs. My preschooler had fun taking orders from us. It took great listening to remember what items we had said we wanted on our pizza and those we didn’t like.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

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