Published On: Sun, Dec 14th, 2014

Barn Yarn App

Barn Yarn AppBy Playrix
Age Recommendation 9+ years.
This is a hidden object game without the feeling that it’s a hidden object game! The beautiful graphics and engaging storyline make this app a great playing experience that pulls you into it’s storyline.

You are guided through the game by Joe a cute little farmer that you just wish was one of your long lost uncles. Your aim is to repair an old barn by selling old items in the barn to customers, a bit like a garage sale. With this money you then purchase items to create a warm and inviting barn ready for winter.

To decorate the barn you get sixty items in three differing styles allowing you to make the barn reflect your tastes, and three thousand hidden objects in thirty locations to find. There are also fun mini games occurring throughout.

While the App Store have a 4+ recommendation, I am going for at least a 9+ due to the some of the items it requests you to find. It can also take persistence power to complete each level, especially when faced with the difficulty of not being able to easily find an item.

This is one of the best hidden object games I have seen, and a beautiful one at that. My daughter and I found this quite a fun game to play together. What one of us couldn’t find, the other could. Lots of fun and strangely relaxing.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.App Store Button

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