Published On: Tue, Jan 13th, 2015

Bling Biscuits

1 Packet plain biscuits. We used Arnott’s Marie
Variety of food colouring
Orchard White Icing
Assorted cake decoration toppings
Icing sugar

This truly is a biscuit for the kids to make so be prepared for the mess. Start by sprinkling your icing sugar over the bench, this will help stop the Orchard White Icing from sticking to it.  Split your Orchard Icing into however many colours you would like to make and get the kids working in around 4-5 drops until the colour is bright and even. Now get the kids to roll out their icing and cut circles the same size as your biscuit. We used a cup as our cutter that was exactly the same size as our biscuit. Place the now coloured circles onto the biscuits and start decorating. The more choice of decorations you can provide the kids with, the more creative they can be.

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