Published On: Wed, Feb 3rd, 2016

Cactus Cake

Have you noticed thatcactus cake those cute owls that were on pencil cases, notebooks, wrapping paper, sheets, you name it, are now replaced with a cactus? It baffles me where this new trend has come from but as for my son, he has no doubt. The release of Plants Vs Zombies 2, one of his current favourite games.

So when it came time for his 9th birthday I found myself with the task of making a cactus cake. This design is REALLY easy and has a great cuteness factor that will sit just fine for an older child.

What you will need:

  • coloured fondant (red, blue, yellow, white, black) Coles now sell pre-coloured fondant, very convenient!
  • food colouring if you purchased white fondant to self colour
  • green sprinkles for the spikes
  • yellow sugar pearls for the sun
  • 44 x 30cm pan for your base cake
  • 22 cm loaf tin for the cactus body, hat and arms (You will make two of these tins)
  • red ribbon for the edging of the cake
  • 4 x cake mix packets including eggs, butter and milk as advised on the box (yes I always cheat)
  • white Betty Crocker icing from Coles


  • bake 2 loaf tin cakes and your base, once cooled cover in cling wrap and freeze overnight.
  • take out of freezer and first cover your base cake with Betty Crocker icing then cover with blue fondant. Do same for cactus body but with green fondant. I created my own green with colouring so I could give the cactus a textured look. You can do this when you add the green colouring to the white fondant but instead of rolling it in, twist it in. Too much manipulation will mix the colour all in so careful to stop before this happens.
  • using the second loaf tin cake cut out the arms and hat and cover with red on the hat and the same green as the body for the arms. The edging on the red hat is simply a long piece of fondant wrapped around it.
  • add your sun using a circle of yellow fondant and sugar pearls for the rays
  • create a mouth and eyes as pictured
  • place on your green sprinkles as the prickles
  • put a strip of red ribbon to match the hat around the edging of the cake. Dab a little icing on the ends of the ribbon to make it stick into place

Cover and place in fridge till party time. Enjoy your cactus cake, it’s bound to make someone special to you smile.

Danielle Mantakoul

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