Published On: Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

I Can’t Get Rid Of My Kids Toys! Hubby Loses Mancave to My Little Pony and Friends

Spring is chuck the junk time. I getting rid of kids toyswas reminded of this when I went into Aidan’s room, looked at the chaos, thought for a second “oh he doesn’t play with that anymore” and then lovingly placed it back into his cupboard. I find it so hard to part with those much loved toys… no no you don’t understand… much loved by ME not the children!

Aidan’s little Peppa Pig characters remind me of when the kids were in high chairs and would have eyes glued to the TV as I fed them. Will’s diecast Thomas trains, instant reminds of Sunday afternoons playing on the floor. Last week I found one of Bella’s Littlest Pet Shop characters under the lounge horribly dirty, destined for the bin right… NO!

Unfortunately for my husband, he is now sharing his man cave with a box of My Little Ponies among other treasures. (He wasn’t too keen on me doing a pony setup, so in the box they stayed). He doesn’t understand why I am keeping them but I try to explain… “some day they be worth a lot”! But he knows that even if that miraculously happened, I still couldn’t sell them.

I tried taking some of the treasures to preschool. I failed miserably. It gave me no joy watching my children’s toys being recycled. The scary Toy Story 3 movie comes to mind here. (I am sure that terrifying monkey is the reason that movie is PG)

I tried taking them to Vinnies. Well that was a no go. A garbage bag full of baby toys sat in the boot for months until my hubby got sick of no room for the shopping and gave me the “if you don’t get rid of these I will” talking to. Sure I got rid of them, right back into Will’s cupboard.

I know what you’re thinking. Friends? Family? Oh yeah sure sure… and what do you think happens with them with they are finished! See points above!

I do not consider myself a hoarder. I can throw out or give away just about anything else, but the kid’s toys I struggle with. I have no doubt some psychologist would tell me I have some deep seeded security issues. Maybe, and perhaps in time it will be easier to let go. For now though I think I’ll keep those ponies, trains and Peppa figurines dormant in my home where I feel like they belong for a few years to come. Ok, ok… I meant to say eternity!

Danielle Mantakoul
Copyright 2016

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