Published On: Wed, Jan 28th, 2015

Daydream Island Review

IMG_1144In January 2015, we spent 7 nights on Daydream Island as our yearly family holiday (2 adults 3 kids aged 8, 9 and 9).

Let me start by saying that Daydream Island, part of the Whitsundays is a beautiful, beautiful place. The wildlife is in abundance, and to the delight of our children, home to a vast number of wallabies who roam the island often finding their way into public areas oblivious to the fuss over them by guests.

The resort unfortunately is starting to look tired. Carpet lifting at the edges in the Waterfalls Restaurant, tables that didn’t match or were chipped, and staff uniforms that looked like they hadn’t been updated for some time.

It was great to see when we first entered the resort in the Atrium being the main hub of the hotel, a pool table, a beautiful piano, even a guy playing some decent music on his guitar, but it is simply too hot to be there causing guests to head for their beautifully air conditioned rooms. It could be a fabulous entertaining and relaxing area but instead is a most uncomfortable space.

One of the restaurants is also part of the Atrium, meaning no air conditioning when you eat. Who in their right mind can enjoy a meal when it is so stinking hot? They must do something about this. If they enclosed this area, (currently netted) this would allow them to not only air condition, but it would keep the mosquitoes off dining guests at night.

Every buffet meal, I spent time searching for bowls, spoons and glasses. There were simply not enough staff to keep up the pace of the busy restaurant. They were run off their feet and was evident by the amount of sweat dripping from their faces.

Most of the staff I found friendly, engaged and happy to accommodate. The marine biologists were fabulous. They obviously love their jobs and were great with the kids even encouraging them to come and have a chat and pepper them with questions. If you have school aged children I recommend you do the Stingray Splash. My kids absolutely loved it. In fact all their in-house sea creature shows/tours were great.

The room was pleasant with nice furnishing and the bathroom beautiful. Some things such as the cushion coverings on the lounge chairs were getting a little tired, but they seemed clean and tasteful. Housekeeping was great.

The food and drink was quite expensive and obviously being on an island your options are limited. We helped to combat this by taking lots of snacks with us for the kids. Some days hubby and I were dying for our favourite soft drink, but at $4 a can we decided we didn’t miss it that much. Want a bottle of water? That’s $5 thank you.

My husband and I chuckled at the amount of channels on the TV, but I guess it’s to be expected. What wasn’t however is a chunk of your picture missing from either side of the screen due to incorrect aspect ratio presented on screen.

To me, Daydream Island was a beautiful but unpolished gem. We were told by staff that the island is currently up for sale. I hope whoever buys it brings with them a polishing cloth, because Daydream Island deserves it.

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By Danielle Mantakoul
Copyright 2015

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