Published On: Sun, Nov 2nd, 2014

Harbour Master App

Harbour Master1

By Imangi Studios LLC
Master is a brilliant game where you are in charge of arranging and rearranging ships journeys into and out of the harbour. Direct the ships to the docks and unload the cargo safely, then lead them out of the harbour without crashing! Once you have guided the ships on screen to the right docks your job doesn’t stop there, as you need to ensure any new traffic into the harbour doesn’t collide. As the game progresses, the ships get bigger and faster with more of them, creating an obstacle nightmare.

This is a fabulous time management game with an added spatial awareness twist. It’s pretty basic gameplay, but with a concept that really captures.  Don’t be turned off too quickly if you start and are a little confused. To begin with I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but when persisted worked it out and couldn’t put it down.

I really loved the music in this game, it’s a bit repetitious but simple and very cute, The graphics are clean though not detailed, but the game doesn’t really call for it. You can get a number of “rewinds” at a cost which I found genius allowing me to undo a crash.  I wished I had loads more of those!

At the time of writing, Harbor Master is a free game with in app purchases of more maps and rewinds available at $1.29 each. I also got the Pirate Passage map where you have cannons to shoot pirate ships that threaten your cargo. There is also a Kraken Atoll level where you need to fight off the tentacles of the beast! Love it.

Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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