Published On: Tue, Aug 18th, 2015

How to Make Super Snakes

What you will need:How to make super snakes
Clothes pegs
Thick child friendly paint
Paper and markers
Newspaper/scrap paper
Sticky tape



How to Make Super Snakes:

  • Cut your pantyhose legs off at the top so you are left with only the leg piece.
  • Get the kids to scrunch up the newspaper/scrap paper and stuff it into the pantyhose leg. Kids may need you to hold it open for them as they stuff.
  • Once filled to the top tie the end in a knot.
  • Now get the kids painting. The thicker the paint the better. (Will take a a good portion of the day to dry)
  • Create your eyes by either drawing and cutting them out or using pre-made eyes. Big google eyes also look great. Fasten your eyes by wrapping a long piece of sticky tape around the head going over the eyes.
  • Attach your peg for the tongue.

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