Published On: Mon, Oct 20th, 2014

Hugs And Kisses Mother’s Day Biscuits

Hugs And Kisses Mother's Day BiscuitsIngredients:
120g butter
3/4 cup of sugar
1 cup of plain flour
1 cup self raising flour
1 egg
Pinch of salt

Set the oven to 180 degrees C. Heat your butter so as to make it soft then mix well with the sugar. Now add your egg and salt and again mix. Slowly add the self raising flour and plain flour as you continue mixing. Flour your bench and knead the dough until it is no longer sticking to your fingers. Get the kids to then roll the dough into long worm shapes which are then easily shaped to make your hugs and kisses. Put in the oven for about 12 minutes then allow to cool. Cup of tea or coffee optional. Happy Mother’s Day! XO

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 12 minutes
Makes: A little more than a dozen

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