Published On: Wed, Nov 26th, 2014

iCAN Count Money Australia App

iCan Count App1

By Ahmed Tawakol
Age Recommendation 4+ years.

With not too many apps out there to teach kids about money, especially one designed to be specific to Australian children, this app has executed it’s delivery well. The layout of the app makes it easy to follow and appealing to the eye with it’s realistic notes and coins. With 5 different levels, the ability to be able to customise what coins you use makes this application achievable even for preschoolers. You can choose to be dealing with just dollars, or make it more difficult to include cents. You can even ditch the notes, or choose for your child only to deal with them.

The app has 5 games and can hold up to 12 different players.
Game 1: Child must pay the correct money for the item.
Game 2: Child must work out how to make a certain amount different ways.
Game 3: Child must work out how much change to give.
Game 4: Child chooses 3 items to buy, must add together, then pay.
Game 5: Child must work out for example how many 5 cents in 10 cents.
Calculator: Child is presented with coins to drop in the bank to be counted.

I love the way you can flip the coins so the child is able to see both sides making it easier to identify. Items the game presents the child with to purchase are vibrant and appealing, and change in value according to the difficulty chosen.

Preschoolers to primary kids, this app is so simple, so effective, so adjustable, you’ll love it.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.

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