Published On: Wed, Feb 10th, 2016

Love Bug Cupcakes

These Love Bug cupcakes will have anyone smiling, and the best part is they suit many an occasion. Valentines Day, Fairy parties, Baby Showers, Engagement parties (perhaps without the baby bug!) or cute lunchbox or playdate additions.

What you wilLove Bug Cupcakesl need:

  • red, white, black and yellow fondant
  • choc drops
  • preferred cake mix and ingredients required on box
  • baking paper
  • rolling pin
  • cupcake pan


  1. Make desired amount of cupcakes from your cake mix packet. When cooked leave to cool.
  2. Now for your fondant. Prepare your body parts on the baking paper to avoid sticking.  For the base of the ladybug make a black circle a little bigger than the cupcake and place on top.  Trim edging where necessary.
  3. Now make a red circle the same size as the black but cut the top of the circle off so as the black will be revealed as the face. Place onto the black and cut around edging of the cupcake pushing downward to neaten.
  4. Place on your eyes using a dab of water to make them stick and a thin black stripe down the middle of the back.
  5. For the antenna curl the ends of thin strips of yellow fondant and again stick on with a dab of water.
  6. Lastly place on your choc drops gently pushing them into the fondant to stay in place.

Enjoy your Love Bug Cupcakes.

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