Published On: Thu, Jul 16th, 2015

Masterchef Judge Sends his Child to McDonalds Party with a Packed Lunch

Danielle Mantakoul

There is a lot of fmcdonaldsuss today after a Masterchef judge sends his child to McDonalds parties with a packed lunch. George Calombaris won’t allow his child to eat McDonalds when he attends a birthday party at the fast food restaurant, preferring to send him with a packed lunch. On a popular morning TV programme today the majority of the panel thought this a bad decision on the part of the well known chef.

For me I don’t see the fuss. It’s his child and this is something that he believes to be in their best interest. Surely even those that feel it to be ridiculous would agree that the chances of there being long term effects of taking your packed lunch to Mackers are not worth a mention. He could have kept his child from going to the party altogether which would have been a real shame, because parties be they at McDonalds or at someones home are not about the food, but about having a good time celebrating together.

To George I say good for you. And while I too think it an unnecessary extreme, I can respect the decision. As parents we all have our parenting rules where others look at us as if we are aliens when to us, it is the obvious solution and one we feel passionate about. For me it’s pool parties. Invite my kids to a pool party and they won’t be coming. Why? Cause I’m a safety nut. So George is a food nut, no big news there. So what kind of nut are you?

By Danielle Mantakoul
Copyright 2015

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  1. Lori says:

    I’m a “each thing it its own time” nut. When i drive my kids and neighbours kids to school, the 9yr old gets to sit at the front as all seats taken at the back. But when there’s one missing she goes at the back. And she hates me for it “but i always sit at the front with my mum”. I say “my car my rules, children at the back and you’re a child”, so she hates me even more.

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