Published On: Tue, Jul 11th, 2017

MathsOnline – Your child’s clever tutor, and your new best friend.

mathsonlineThis was crazy. I had to find a new maths program for the kids. The ones that school had so far provided as “their homework” was turning out far too often to be mine! Too much time was being spent going back and forth from the kitchen to the loungeroom computer where there would be regular calls for help. “I don’t know how to do these” or “how come I got it wrong” or simply “mum come help me”. I don’t mind helping the kids, but how in the world can I remember how to work out addition of fractions let alone teach my kids the way school was teaching them? Often when trying to help, the kids would say, “no mum they don’t do it like that”. Times have changed.

The last straw came one evening when the school report came home. Maths = pain. My youngest had missed months of school last year due to illness and it was beginning to show in his maths. A tutor? Sure why not. HOW MUCH? Ouch, don’t think I could get hubby to agree to that. After scouring the web I decided that if a tutor was too expensive, perhaps there were better maths programs out there. What we needed were not pretty graphics with cute or cool characters, what we needed was real tutoring, explanations as to how to go about solving problems.  My gripe with the online maths programs the school had provided, was that when the kids got an answer wrong, it was just wrong! No explanation on how to get it right, you are just wrong!

Well after much digging, I found it! It’s called MathsOnline, an online maths program where there is a short video at the beginning of each new question set to show kids how to go about doing it, and yes, it’s the Australian Curriculum! Kids didn’t understand it the first time, just go back and watch the short video again. When they feel comfortable with they types of questions presented, they simply skip the video, but our house rule has been, get less than 80% and you need to watch the video and redo the questions.

I really wish I could jump through the screen and tell you how great MathsOnline is. Do yourself and your kids a favour and go grab it. I got the family pack due to having three kids with it costing $297 for 12 months or $197 for one child. This is access to the whole K-12 curriculum. I recommend you do the trial period like I did first. It gives you a chance to have a good look around before making the commitment to the 12 months. This is the website:

I worked out to have a tutor come to my home would cost me about $2,500 for the year. Hmmm $297 or $2,500? You do the math.

They also have this little video if interested:

Thanks all, so excited to share this little gem with you that I have dug up!

Danielle Mantakoul

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  1. I am a self-employed educator work with 7 children 3 from primary school before and aftercare and few touring students.
    Pls, send me the detail information and the cost.


  2. Caroline says:

    Hi. I tutor and some of my students use maths online with their school. I would love to use this with my students I tutor. Can you please email details and subscription cost.
    Kind regards
    Caroline Biggs

  3. info neded says:

    I have tow girls, one in Year 7 and the other in Year 4. I want someone to help them with maths. Both are preparing for ICAS and Year 7 one is preparing for NAPLAN. Now that there isn’t much time, I urgently need some help for them.

  4. Marwa says:

    I need help my kids for math

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