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Mummy Weekly was created late 2012 to quench the thirst for further information of parents and teachers after attending one of Danielleon light background-01 Mantakoul’s weekly educational talks in childcare centres and preschools all over Sydney NSW. While Danielle is labeled as Australia’s most dynamic parenting speaker, Mummy Weekly has now taken on a life of it’s own with members currently consisting of Mums, Dads and Early Childhood Educators all over Australia seeking to learn more about the early years. While we do publish content regarding older children, our focus is on early parenting and education keeping inline with the talks we do throughout the wider community.

Our mission is to provide Australian mums, dads and early childhood educators with information that not just makes their lives easier, but inspires them to be the best parents and teachers they can be. To find in Mummy Weekly articles that inspire, activities that engage, recipes that are family minded and product information that best suits their families.

Mummy Weekly has had hundred’s of clients, some of these include:

  • Reading Eggs
  • Disney
  • Menulog
  • Fridge-to-go
  • Australian Financial Review
  • Catholic and Public Education Departments Australia
  • Search Factory
  • DGM
  • Leap Frog
  • Hippo Blue
  • Kimochis
  • Bank Of Queensland
  • The Smith Family

Posting of Articles for Advertising Purposes: Mummy Weekly are happy to place informative articles up for the purpose of promoting a business. Articles submitted must be unique, inline with our audience and the link leads our readers to a good experience. Articles should contain one link only. Additional links are an additional cost. To see a sample of a pre-written post we have put together for a client go to Help Relieve Stress. Mummy Weekly will provide a minimum of 2 photos to accompany your article. All articles for advertising purposes are labelled as such ie “Brought to you by …” for transparency.

Unique pre-written advertising articles cost $140AUD to be published on the site with the link “on follow“ for a minimum of 2 years. After that time it is at our discretion if the article remains on the site, this is due to the possibility of the content being no longer relevant such as outdated information or that the business no longer operates. If the article stays on Mummy Weekly after the 2 years, a “no follow” is put in place with the client having the option to renew the follow. Once an article is published it is then shared via the Mummy Weekly Twitter and Facebook pages. If you wish us at Mummy Weekly to write the article for you, it’s $360AUD.

Product Reviews: At Mummy Weekly we ensure that your product review is written by only those that the product is targeted at. Please note Mummy Weekly has no say into the outcome of reviews written by its subscribers. We do though ensure that it is given to a reviewer we feel would most benefit, to give it the best possible chance for a great review. All review articles/posts are marked with a PR to indicate to our readers “Product Received” for transparency. Product reviews with a link to the client’s business site are $140AUD with the link on follow for a minimum 2 years. You can see a samples of a product review by one of our subscribers here.

Giveaways: Mummy Weekly loves giveaways and we want to ensure that if you have given us product to promote through a giveaway that we portray it in a great light. To do this we place it on our home page and let everyone know about it on Facebook and Twitter. We are happy to promote your product for as many weeks as we have product to give away. Giveaway goods combined sent to us should have a value of more than $100AUD.

Competitions: If you would like us to run a competition for you on Mummy Weekly the cost is $140AUD along with product. We also require the competition goods combined sent to us to have a value of more than $100AUD. The competition is written in a way that when it is finished it will simply tell the reader a little about the business and refer them to their site. The follow link as per any advertising articles will remain on Mummy Weekly for a minimum of 2 years.

We would love to hear from you and have no doubt that you have further questions. Below you will find contact information for Danielle Mantakoul who would love to help you with your media/promotion enquiries.

Danielle Mantakoul

Mummy Weekly
PO Box 3397

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  1. Mummy Weekly says:

    Hi Dee, great to hear from you.

    You can find some lunch ideas here

    and if you put lunch box in the search box top left hand corner of the home page a list of other articles will come up that you might find helpful.


  2. Dee says:

    Hello!! I attended your school readiness talk a few months ago at sandcastles, Mona vale.
    My daughter is about to start school and I’m sure I remember you giving some lunch box / snack ideas!
    I can’t find it on your website!
    Am I imagining that there was something?
    If not, would you mind to send me through the link/address so I can get some ideas!
    Thanks so much for any help you have!

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