Published On: Mon, Aug 20th, 2012

Mini Olympics

So the kids have been wMini Olympicsatching and hearing all about the Olympics in London. This inspired us to hold our own Mini-Olympics, complete with torches, opening ceremony, events, medals and even a closing ceremony. You too can get the kids outdoors and active by being inspired by the upcoming Olympic events simply by using what you currently have sitting in your own backyard. To start you off, here are a few outdoor equipment transformations that worked well for us.

We set events including:

  • Shot Put (with a cricket ball)
  • Discus (with a frisbee)
  • Hula-hoop interpretive dance (with, you guessed it, hula-hoops)
  • Running races
  • Jumping over toys
  • Obstacle courses (combining events ie. jumping and throwing)
  • Hurdles (using a skipping rope and a rubber snake laid on the ground)
  • Relay
  • Ball bouncing/goal shooting depending on age
  • Simple gymnastics (and another chance for interpretive dance!)
  • Weightlifting those heavy soft toys
  • If you have a trampoline, throw that into the mix

You can create whatever events suit your yard and the toys contained within. I even played Chariots of Fire on Youtube for the medal ceremonies.

We made medals out of circles of cardboard covered with tin foil and string attached, and torches out of cardboard rolls (from paper towel, toilet paper rolls etc) with red-coloured paper.Mini Olympics

As the kids obviously have different talents, suit the events to match them. I did have an athlete tantrum from Mr 3yo because he didn’t win the running race.  But with some clever Mummy manipulation, the staggered start in the hurdles made him feel better as he crossed the finish line first.  All in all a success, even though they both cried after the closing ceremony claiming we hadn’t done this or that… typical!
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