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Mystery Math Town App

Mystery Math Town AppBy Artigig LLC
Age Recommendation 6+ years.
In this game the aim is to find the fireflies that are hidden in the Mystery Math Town. To do this, kids must work their way through the different houses in the town where they must solve math problems to open doors, climb ladders and stairs or enter windows. The game has a spooky feel which will add to the appeal for a child a little older.

A little ghost is your child’s companion as they move through the rooms. The game is very maze like in that kids have to recall where they have been and take note of the direction they are moving to help find their way around. This is where the little ghost is handy, providing the child with cues on what direction to take.

I love the open-endedness in this game when it comes to solving the maths problems. Kids are able to use not just numerals, but dice and sticks to make the equations. This helps them to better understand the true nature of numbers and how they work. If frustration sets in and kids become stuck on an equation, the game provides them with three lifelines.

Kids with differing abilities? No worries. Mystery Maths Town has multiple player profiles which can be set according to the level of that child. For younger children you may like to choose to only present the child with addition problems ranging from 1-10. For an older child, subtraction and multiplication are an option.

Smooth gameplay, beautiful, highly educational and immersing, this app sits at the top of my math app games.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.App Store Button

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