Published On: Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014

Peppa’s Party App

Peppa's PartyBy Strawdog Studios  and Astley Baker Davies
Recommended 3+ years.
How can you not love Peppa Pig? Her happy little life is what dreams are made of. I have wished I was Mummy Pig many a times with her endless patience and calming voice. Now in an app, your kids can jump right into the Peppa Pig world, while learning a few things along the way.

In this app it’s Peppa’s birthday. At the party your child will find party events they will more than likely already know. Making the cake, decorating the party bags, creating the invitations and mailing them, pass the parcel, musical chairs and pinata. The familiar voice of the narrator guides the child throughout the game, instructing them on what to do. While the game requires the child to follow instructions, it still allows them creative input.The learning aspect that stands out for me with this app, is the following of instructions. Young children need constant practise with listening and follow through. This app certainly provides them with the opportunity to practise this, all the while being delighted with the familiarity of the Peppa Pig family.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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