Published On: Mon, Dec 1st, 2014

Present Ideas For Teachers

Danielle Mantakoul

As a teacher it is so nicnecklacee to receive a gift from a child you have taught all year. When receiving these gifts I am always so thankful to the parent that took the time to put together a little something for their child’s teacher. If you are last minute shopping and unsure of how to make an impact with that gift, I have some ideas that won’t break your budget and will certainly get your child’s teacher smiling, and even thinking of your child when they use their gift. I don’t believe there are too many rules when gift shopping for teachers, and while some may poo poo mugs and chocolates, if it’s a great mug or chocky favourites, then run with it. If it’s something like perfume or wine, then it might be best to know tastes if you go down this path.

May I suggest gift cards, hats, costume jewellery, photo frames, bake something, purchased or flowers picked from your garden. But the one that sticks with us the most are the letters within cards. Where a teacher can see the time you have taken to sit down and write to them about your appreciation of them as your child’s teacher. That will stay with us longer than any candle or chocolate.

Danielle Mantakoul
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