Published On: Wed, Jul 19th, 2017

Quick, where can I hide the trolley?

shopping trolleyI love grocery shopping. I take my time, click on a few Pokemon stops for my daughter as I shop, look for bargains so I can proudly show hubby to gain instant approval with the line “they were on sale,” and may even decide to nibble on a chocky as I go. Yep, food shopping is a bit

of time out for me. BUT… one thing, just one thing stresses me! It’s not the dicky wheel you can pick up, or the newbie checkout person with the long line. It’s not even the kids with those teeny tiny trolleys that we all think are a good idea at the time but never are, no! It’s seeing people I know. Ya, this stresses me.

While shopping the other day, in fact while looking for the tomato paste in aisle 3, I spotted her, a friend walking towards me with her trolley. Crap! I quickly glanced down, hmmm how many nasties do I have so far, are they outweighing the good stuff?PROBABLY! Maybe there is time to shuffle stuff around, no, crap. I did consider the turn around but as we all know, THAT brings way too much attention and looks very sus! Too late to pretend to be reading the back of some packet of whatever, our eyes had already met. Okay, rush mode time. This is where I pretend I am in a hurry. Hurry hurry, so busy, got to be somewhere! I hate it when this happens because then I feel like I have to keep up the gig right until I get to the car.

While I have NO doubt you can understand my stress here, this however doesn’t even compare to the stress I deal with when someone I know LINES UP BEHIND ME and has all the time in the world to stand there surveying each and every item in my trolley. I have tried to better understand why I feel this way, and all I can come up with is the guilty parent syndrome. You know, that feeling that we are not doing our utmost to produce happy, healthy, independent, responsible, loving bla bla bla bla kids!

Yesterday while in line at Coles I surveyed my own trolley while waiting and made my son Aidan go and put a few nasties back. It feels good to do this, but something tells me I may start putting in some “I don’t really want that” nasty things so I can simply put them back and feel better. STUPID RIGHT? Yep. Hubby tells me I should make a list to discourage nasties simply jumping into my trolley, but I have never been a list person so even if I made one, I wouldn’t pay any attention to it, and forever crumpled at the bottom of my purse it would live.

So if you see me shopping, do me a favour and BEFORE you come chat to me, ensure there are a few nasties in your trolley first, oh yes, and that they are on top in plain view. My guilty parent syndrome thanks you in advance:)

Danielle Mantakoul
Copyright 2017

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