Published On: Sat, Dec 13th, 2014

Rocket Speller App

rocket speller appBy Little Big Thinkers
Age Recommendation 4-7 years.
This app does not try to be anything else other than what it says, a spelling application. So easy for kids to use and very little to confuse or distract them. I have even made this one part of my child’s night time homework to make one completed rocket (around 12 words). Homework fun!

The game has great flow and children must work towards a goal, that of constructing the rocket. To do this, they must complete each section and can then either choose a rocket piece of their choice, or follow the pattern the game requests. Each section is only constructing three words, so kids feel they are making progress towards the making of the rocket fairly quickly. When the rocket is made, the little alien hops inside, a count down is given and the rocket blasts off where the child must then maneuver it to catch the yellow stars.

You will see from the screen shots that Rocket Speller has different levels of gameplay. Level 1 and 2, the child is shown where to place the letters to make the word, perfect for the preschooler.  Level 3 and four, these clues are no longer there, making it perfect for the child aged 5-7.

Any mistakes made by the child, the letter simply slides back into its position for the child to try again. My five year old loves this just as much as my 7 year old.

If I would make any changes I would of like to have heard the letters sounded out once the child has created the word to encourage a phonetic approach. Currently when the word is made, the game simply repeats each letter making up the word.

This app has an option on it that I simply love. The ability to be able to have the child work with not just capitals as most apps do, but lower case. In classrooms everywhere kids are working in lower case, only a capital letter exactly where is should go. Great exposure to lower case. Well done Little Big Thinkers, you are thinking!

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

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