Published On: Thu, Mar 12th, 2015

Scratch Jr App

Danielle Mantakoul

By MIT Media LabsIMG_2084
Our Age Recommendation 8+years.
With the amount of game time many of our kids are experiencing, this is leading parents such as myself into thinking of ways we can get this interest working to our children’s advantage. Some app companies are following suit and creating games where children can learn the very code in the easiest of forms that control their favourite games.

MIT Media Labs are the creators of Scratch, an app that teaches computer coding to the tiniest of gamers. While there are many options for older children to learning coding, this app focuses on children in the early years. It makes all this possible by making code visual in the form of labelled blocks that children can manipulate to get cute creatures to do things. Your child will be creating short animated scenes in a heart beat simply by joining instructional blocks together.

How does this help them learn programming? It teaches kids how important and precise sequencing needs to be in programming and the art of self correction as the child works out what they want their character to do, programs them to do so and then at times must adjust the blocks to recreate their vision. The app though is open ended just as true coding itself is. The possibilities are endless.

At the App Store the age recommendation is 4+, but the amount of options this app has I would suggest starting at an 8+ to avoid frustration. Fabulous App. A great way for future programmers to begin.

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

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