Published On: Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014

Shape Sorter App

By Pro3D Shape Sorter1netics
Age Recommendation 3+ years.
A great little app that I think even some two’s would enjoy. What makes this puzzle so appealing to small children is that it’s a puzzle with a twist, literally. The puzzle comes in the form of a cube, many of us already having a similar toy in our home. As the child works on the puzzle, it can be turned to reveal additional spaces. This movement engages kids, allowing better focus on the task at hand.

3D Shape Sorter has two difficulty settings. For the younger child all four pieces to the face of the block they are working with must be completed before the cube automatically turns for them to work on the next four. On the more difficult setting, kids have to spin the block to find the right place for the puzzle piece out of 16 slots.

The themes they provide you with are Christmas and the farm. In the farm puzzle, once you place the outlined piece in, the animals appear and make a noise. Pieces are also colour matched to their correct spots to assist kids. For a bit of added variety, kids can change the colour of the block itself, & music can be either on or off. Simple for littlies, while being educational & enjoyable. 3D Shape Sorter, I love it.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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