Published On: Mon, Jul 2nd, 2018

Single Use Plastic Bag Ban – with new solutions come new problems

The time has come, and I guess we all knew it would. Be gone with you single use plastic bag! Surely a step in the right direction… right? But with new solutions come new problems.

In countries that have paved the way for us on the plastic bag war, some people have actually lost their lives due to cross contamination. When you place your meat into a re-usable bag, especially a cloth one, the residue from the meat sits inplastic bag ban the bag. Then, the next time you shop and pop your veggies in there, voila, contaminated veggies.

Recently I heard about a lady who got out her re-usable bags to use, only to find baby mice had made her bag their new home. On this program, a gentleman also wrote in concerned about the increased opportunity of trolleys now coming in direct contact with meat when you have forgotten your bags, and need to do what hubby and I call an Aldi, simply throwing the loose items into the trolley.

To help survive the transition and wage this new war on baggie germs, here are some suggested solutions:

  1. Keep your grocery bags your grocery bags. Storing other items in these can be unhygienic. No-one wants dirty socks in that bag before holding their apples and bananas.
  2. Have a designated bag for your meat, one that can be cleaned easily. While Woolies don’t seem to be keen on us bringing containers for our meat, there is nothing stopping us from doing so once it passes through the checkout. You can also place your meat into the plastic bags provided in the fruit and veg section. These bags should be thrown out immediately after use.
  3. I would also recommend a bag with some type of insulation with a zipper on it. This will help to keep the cold in and not fall out of the bag when in the car.
  4. Store your re-usable bags in a clean, dry, cool place and preferably off the floor. Storing your bags in the car increases the chances of your bag becoming a breeding ground for germs.
  5. Wash and wipe your re-usable bags regularly, with your meat bag needing done after each use.

Consider ditching your handbag and swapping it for a stylish backpack. And if that’s just too much for you, the next time you purchase a handbag, consider a larger size.

Some re-usable bags can be bulky. Think before you buy. How big do you actually need them to be, can they be cleaned easily and how will you clean them? Can the handles comfortable go over your shoulder if you wished to carry it that way?

For the times that you forget a bag, have stashed in your handbag one of those tiny fold up carry bags. While there is very little chance you will ever be able to get it back into the little pouch it comes with, there will be a day you’re very glad to have it on you. If you’re like me, you know when you will be doing a big grocery shop, so will more than likely come prepared with your 4-8 re-usable bags. But there will always be those times you grab a ‘few’ items unexpectedly.

If you’re not a fan of the re-usable bag, I totally understand, they tend to remind me of shopping with my granny. But think of it as a fashion statement opportunity. Shop around, find bags that appeal to you. It’s no secret that when we like something, we are more likely to use it and feel good about it.

By Danielle Mantakoul

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