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Sort It Out 1 App

sort it out appBy My First App
Age Recommendation 3+ years.
It is as it’s names states, a sorting game, and although it does recommend for 3+ years, I think the 2’s could certainly still have a lot of fun with it.

The games give you 12 different sorting exercises with a variety of themes such as food, shapes, colours, toys, transport, kitchen items, feelings, items around the house, & clothes. Within each of these there is around 24 object for kids to sort. So a fair amount to keep your kids busy and thinking.

I like the idea that you can place the items on the sorting shelf in whatever order you like or no order at all! You can actually place the items on top of one another on the shelf. The first transport one shows the scene of a sky, road and river. This allows the child not only to sort, but to be able to create a picture by being able to place boats wherever they want in the river, same with transport items that go on the road and in the sky.

The child works at their own pace, perfect for the younger child. My 7 year old though likes to put the timer and try to better her time at sorting the shelf.

The game offers the opportunity for a good amount of language if you sit with them. If you look carefully, you will see that a teddy is not just a teddy, or a car a car. They each have different characteristics that can be pointed out. This is encouraging kids to observe more detail in the pictures. There is the opportunity to expose kids to descriptive words such as big small (balls), fat, thin, (teddies), long short, colours (cars and trucks), just to name a few comparison words. You can see the screenshot where I was able to sort items by a little more detail than simply the shelf they matched.

The game certainly does have a good amount of items for kids to sort and does get them thinking. On some pages the sorting is a little more obvious than others, but this simply adds to getting the child to think.

I would of like to see more difficulty as the game progressed by the way of more shelves and items, but the game has great ease of use for kids, and if your child gets it wrong, it simply places the object back in the pile to be resorted with a boing noise. Love it.

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