Published On: Mon, Dec 8th, 2014

Sound Beginnings App

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Age Recommendation 4+ years.
This game may look simple from the screenshots, but it is this simplicity that will get your kids learning. There are three different levels of difficulty. For the beginner, you can set it to only ask beginning sounds, and for the more confident reader, you can set it to ask sounds in the middle of the words or at the end. Pictures presented to the child can all be touched where they can confirm what the picture is to help them work out the word puzzle.

The game focuses on the sound of the letter to teach the child rather than it’s name. Many reading apps only teach the child the name of the sound. While the name is helpful, it is the sound of the letter which will teach your child to read. It would have been great to see both, but if I like to see anything in a reading app, it’s the sound the letter makes hands down.

For the younger child you may choose three sounds to choose from to find the answer, and can set the game up to only present five word puzzles per round. For the older child, you can set it up to present to the child twenty five word puzzles per round with five sounds to choose from to find the answer.

This is one app I have placed on my Kindergarten child’s homework list.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

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