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Mummy Weekly has total editorial control over all content submitted to the site. We have the right to edit, remove or simply not to publish either for legal, editorial or operational reasons. Any material you submit to the Mummy Weekly website be they photos, text including links or any other form of material, is the responsibility of the submitee. By contributing content, you agree to royalty free, non-exclusive licence to use your content in any way Mummy Weekly choose. You are however free to use the copy of your material submitted in any way you choose. Work submitted must be your own and you must ensure you are not infringing on any person’s rights. Any person under 18 years of age in your submission, you must have sought the consent of the guardian to feature them in your content. You should not assume that Mummy Weekly will keep your content in storage, it is therefore recommended you keep your own copy. Mummy Weekly will attempt to give appropriate credit when using your content, this though may not always be possible. Mummy Weekly advise that when posting comments or submitting any type of information that you exercise care in regards to publicly sharing your personal information. We suggest you use handles or refrain from posting your full name to help protect your personal details from the general public. Please also refrain from using the full names of others. We also encourage you to be responsible for maintaining the secrecy of any passwords in relation to the site. Mummy Weekly expects all users to treat each other and Mummy Weekly staff with respect in regards to comments and articles. Any posts that do not adhere to this are removed without question. This statement is for personal articles and stories only. If you are seeking some form of advertising please contact us.

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