Published On: Sun, Dec 1st, 2013

Super Monsters Ate My Condo App

By Adult SwimSuper Monsters Ate My Condo App
Yes yes I know, strange concept and one that I would not bother with at quick glance on the app store. But after reading what others had to say I had to give it a go. This is a match three game but anything but typical.

The gameplay is still pretty simple. Match the condo levels by colour to make them disappear and to gain points as they fall from the sky. As they do you must slide out levels below to make the matches. If you’re not careful enough moving those floors, the condo topples and it’s game over.

To keep the monsters happy you need to make matches that coincide with the colour the monsters are. Two monsters stand in the background at all times waiting for you to match their colour. When you do that monster leaves and another takes it’s place. There are four in total for you to keep happy.

You may want to turn the sound down as it’s not the most pleasant of apps to listen to.I found the sound and music very in your face, reminded me of some of the rock concerts I would go to as a kid.  The graphics are very cartoon like and over the top however these elements did not detract from the fun.

A fun app that has the potential to have you hiding in your room for quick fixes of building.

Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Optimized for iPhone 5.App Store Button

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