Published On: Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014

Tangram Mania App

By Guillaume JolyTangram Mania1
Recommended Age 4+ years.
Tangram Mania is one of those apps you pull out if you’re in a cafe chatting to friends and you would like as few interruptions as possible. This is because kids will need very little if any assistance to complete the tasks.

Tangram Mania get kids matching, following instructions and design, exposure to a variety of shapes such as diamond, semi-circle, triangle, rectangle, circles and squares, and  shows kids how shapes can come together to create items from the environment. Fine motor is also put to work here via the drag and drop into place. Children must follow the design of the plan by being given a sample of the end picture to copy. If the child makes a mistake the shape simply slides back down to the bottom to be placed again.

The free version will offer you 5 tangram puzzles for your child to do. Purchase, and you receive in total 36 puzzles covering a variety of themes. The pictures are vibrant, appealing and are in a simple easy to follow layout.  I would of liked to see the child have the option to create their own design, but still it’s a winner for me.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch & iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
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