Published On: Sun, Nov 23rd, 2014

Teenie Weenies (Bite Sized Sandwiches)

It can be a tough call to Teenie Weenies (Bite Sized Sandwiches)know when your bub is ready for sandwiches.  Generally, if they can grab a piece for themselves from you or a sibling, then they are ready to try. On the left are the Teenie Weenies that are easiest to start with.  Cut off the crusts and cut the sandwich in 4 slices lengthways and 4 wide too.  And try for easy fillings, I don’t know where my kids would be without Vegemite!

Get them to eat the crusts – little by little…
Now that they are eating sandwiches, it can be hard to get the kids to eat the crusts, but don’t we love the constant challenge?  Here’s a trick to try:  Cut the sandwich through the middle BOTH squarely and diagonally  to make Teenie Weenie triangles.  Sandwich filling ideas

If the kids are still not keen on the good old sandwich, try a roll or a wrap, if they are just being plain difficult, then try using cookie cutters to cut shapes into the sandwich.  It’s fiddly, wastes a bit of bread, but if they are eating it, surely its worth it. There is a good chance once they reach school age that they won’t mind the crust as much, but still may be demanding star shaped sandwiches!

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