Published On: Sat, Dec 13th, 2014

The Night Before Christmas App

The Night Before Christmas AppBy Twigsbury
Age Recommendation 1-100 years.
Bring a little extra magic into your home this Christmas eve by sharing The Night Before Christmas story in an app with your kids. This timeless tale was created by a father as a gift to his children for Christmas. Little did he realise, this gift would end up being shared by the world, as today it sits as one of the most well known Christmas stories.

The Night Before Christmas app illustrator Kersten Brothers, has created cartoon style illustrations, incorporating some great humour that will appeal to young children throughout the story. My kids thought the cat stuck to Santa’s bottom was a scream.

While there is no interactive capabilities, before you dismiss the app, I strongly feel that a classic such as this deserves to be uninterrupted to keep the flow of the story as it was meant to be.

You can choose to either have the story read to you, or to read it yourself. If your child chooses to read it and gets stuck on a word, they can simply touch the text to find out what the difficult word is.

While there are many Night Before Christmas app story books, this one I felt to have just the right mix of tradition and appeal to today’s generation. This has created an app that be you one or one hundred, this Night Before Christmas story book app by Twigsbury is Mummy Weekly’s recommendation to you this Christmas.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.App Store Button

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