Published On: Mon, Dec 8th, 2014

The Potty Book App

Potty Book App2Age Recommendation 4+ years.
By Yevgeny Kolyakov
Rated a 4+, but most of us would be using it well before then! This is simply an interactive book to teach children about toilet training. As simple as it is I found it most effective with my special needs child whom I was having difficulty toilet training. By the time he was six I had tried many things with little success.

I then stumbled across a number of applications to teach toilet training via the iPad and thought, why not, I had tried everything else. The visual this application provided was very powerful. It shows wee and poo on the floor and eventually in the toilet. Many items in the story the child can touch and the item will respond with talking or a noise and keeps this fun element going throughout.  My son loved to touch the wee and poo and make them squeak.  Within a few hours of this story he approached me for the first time saying that he needed to go to the toilet!

It is certainly a book to do together as it does not read the story to the child but has opportunities for conversation points such as nappies, undies, the potty and toilet, growing up, accidents in pants, and shows the child’s accidents on the floor, as I said, very visual for kids making it a winner for me.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.App Store Button

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