Published On: Tue, Apr 7th, 2015

As parents we try to take the word “ugly” OUT of our child’s vocab!

Danielle Mantakoul

I am disappoinThe Ugglysted to say the least at one of the leading toy brands Moose. After their grand success with Shopkins they have gone and released a product called “The Ugglys”. These are a line of pets that are created in a way that makes them seemingly unappealing to the eye.

Moose, I feel you have lost the plot with this product. As parents, most of us aim to take the word “ugly” out of our child’s vocabulary, not willingly put it in. In a world that is striving for more acceptance of those that may look different, we are trying to teach our kids that it doesn’t matter what you look like, how you are born is how you are born, and that is anything but ugly.

Instead of trying to create a Littlest Petshop for boys (this is what it seems you are trying to achieve), how about marketing your more respectful products to both boys and girls. This is easily started by being more mindful of the colours you are using in your packaging and the isles it is placed into. My 10 year old special needs son is an avid Shopkins fan. He doesn’t clue into the boy girl element, but my other son at 8 years is well on to it and while I may find him playing with his brothers Shopkins, in no way would he talk about them at school! Your packaging here is limiting your number of fans!

Moose, I challenge you to make your next series of Shopkins have black packaging or something a little less focused on only attracting girls. As for your Ugglys, you have been ill advised on what parents want their kids playing with. We DO care about the messages our kids toys are sending them, and with the Ugglys, it’s all Ugly.

By Danielle Mantakoul
Copyright 2015

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