Published On: Sun, Dec 14th, 2014

Week Planner for Kids App

Weekly Planner AppBy Novitura
Age Recommendation 4+ years.
Week Planner for Kids is like a diary for your child that helps them to plan and predict happenings of their day and week. Many children respond well to charts and lists because it gives them a sense of achievement. Week Planner for Kids I believe does this very same thing just in the form of an app!

I have come across many children in my teaching career that feel a need to know what is happening next, be this due to a sense of insecurity or simply a curious mind. This is the app for them. I can also see it benefitting special needs children who need assistance with visual cues as to what takes place next better helping them to cope with routine and even change.

The app helps children to become more knowledgable about timelines such as days of the week, and the weather for that day which they can record on their board. It’s super easy to use as the icons are a drag and drop onto the board with a bin close at hand for a change of plans.

I love the way you can have anything on the chart and are not restricted to the icons you have been given. This is the case due to you being able to write specific notes on your board.

The planer helps children to identify special activities such as treats and family get togethers. You can even put photos of family on the board. Going to see grandma on Thursdays? Simply take her picture and put it up on your board.

We have made it a habit in our house to sit together at the beginning of the school break and talk about what we should do. Week Planner for Kids helps us to be more assertive and organised due to the fun element of the app. A great application for both the classroom and home environment.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.App Store Button

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