Published On: Sat, Nov 1st, 2014

Wheels On The Bus App

Wheels on the bus app

By Kids Games Club
Age Recommendation 4+ years.
This app warms my heart. The Wheels on the Bus song was one of my sons favourites, meaning that I have heard it but a million times. It has ten individual games and the best part… eleven verses of “The Wheels on the Bus” song. Enough to get you through most phone calls without being interrupted! The song is interactive, creating a whole new level of enjoyment  especially for those kids that will delight at the transport theme of this app.

A variety of vehicles are used to teach a bit of everything. Counting, vocabulary,  music and singing, creativity and problem solving through activities such as which has more or less. The pictures are beautiful, and it’s easy for kids to find their way around without too much assistance.

Although this app has a rating of four years plus, the creators do recommend it for any age. If you ask me, I think they are right. From babies to grown ups, this app will have you singing along and opening and closing those bus doors like an old pro.

Shhh, my son is now 6 and loves this app just for the song alone. Great job Kids Games Club, you got me singin!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch & iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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