Published On: Tue, Sep 15th, 2015

Why My Kids Don’t Attend Scripture at School

Danielle Mantakoul

Scripture classes are nothiwhy my kids don't go to scripture at schoolng new to the public school system. On starting kindergarten you nominate which religion you would like your child to learn, or have the option of ethics classes or non-scripture where your child can read or do homework for the allotted scripture time.

While most children in the public school system in NSW choose to attend scripture at school, there are many that believe it is a parent’s responsibility to develop their child spiritually rather than that of a stranger who may teach your child their own spin on the ethos. A dear friend of mine who has a deep religious faith would never even think of sending her child to scripture classes at school in fear her church’s teachings would be coloured or redirected to the beliefs of the individual.

When my kids ask me about religion I explain to them that some people believe this, and some people believe that and that it’s up to them to one day decide…. or not… which one is inline with their own beliefs.

My kids are currently attending non-scripture at school, not because I don’t want them to believe in anything, but because I believe they have been too young to make a decision that can be for life. While most people tend to adopt their religious beliefs from their parents, for my kids I want them to choose their own spiritual belief path. Who am I to say that one religion is better than the other or more accurate than the other. That’s for my kids to work out when they are older and can make better decisions for themselves rather than simply being led down a particular path. I don’t mean to poo poo the idea of kids inheriting their parents religion, but for me this is one decision where my children are on their own.

By Danielle Mantakoul
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