Published On: Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015

Flowers for Mothers Day Winner – Comp Closed


At, they pride themselves on bringing you never been seen before floral gifts such as celebratory cupcakes, child friendly bouquets and a fresh approach to how their flowers are presented. With an extensive product range, they can create an arrangement to suit every occasion.

Win beautiful flowers for Mothers Day valued at $70. To enter simply visit Fresh Flowers for Mothers Day flowers, view their range and tell us what arrangement you would send your mum and why in the comment section below.

(The winner will be announced April 30 and are required to submit their name, mobile number, address, delivery date and card message. The prize can only be delivered to an address within Fresh Flowers delivery area which can be verified by clicking the “Do we deliver in your area?” link at the homepage).

Thank you so much to everyone that entered. Mummy Weekly hopes your Mothers Day is filled with family and fun. Congratulations to Blakester who has won some beautiful flowers from Fresh Flowers for his sister who has recently become a new mum.

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  1. Kaija R says:

    Vivid tulips in vase – Like a bright spark on a dull day, these flowers brighten any day the same way my mum does when she arrives to look after us while I have been unwell lately. Keeping us fed, tidy and the kids entertained has been my spark on some very dull days.

  2. tracy baker says:

    Very hard to decide but Tulips are favourite they remind Mum of her Mum

  3. Charlotte S says:

    Tulips – Vivid in Glass Vase – just like this beautiful bouquet my mum colours every moment of life with her big smile, infectious laugh and compassionate heart, putting the little moments in focus and making life truly vivid…
    …and tulips are mum’s favourite!!!

  4. Rose Pater says:

    Country Rose
    My mum’s a tough old country bird;
    I’d love to see her go all soft and girly with these country roses!

  5. Ben Tullipan says:

    Roses Sweet Sentiment – Ok, so my Mum can be annoying and frustrating, but she is IRREPLACEABLE! And besides, if I won this for her then I wouldn’t have to get her her 13th pair of slippers for Mother’s Day!

  6. Russell says:

    Tulips – Vivid to remind her of home 🙂

  7. Susan Taylor says:

    Pink Birthday Cupcake would be it. Looks lovely and mum used to always make us cupcakes growing up!

  8. Oh it has to be the Roses Sweet Delight!!! Pink roses signify grace, elegance and appreciation and that’s my Mum, as well as the fact that she bakes my favorite treats ever, just because. She’s my best friend, biggest fan, and most of all, my hero.

  9. Amanda says:

    My mum who is always there,
    shows me everyday how much she cares.
    The Lovely Lilac bouquet would be great,
    to also show her that she’s my mate.

  10. Roses Sweet Delight – because Roses have long been associated with motherhood. My Mum gave me the gift of life, helped me tie my shoelaces and used her superhuman powers to see me through my awkward teenage years.

  11. Christine says:

    Tulips – Vivid In Glass Vase. My mum’s very sensitive to highly fragranced flowers so tulips are always a safe bet (as well as being stunning of course!)

  12. Kate H says:

    Tickled Pink because that’s what she’ll be when she gets them!

  13. Vicki Fraser says:

    The White Phalaenopsis Orchid would be perfect for my mum because just like this stunning gift my mum is a gift that just keeps on giving.

  14. Singapore Orchids would be incredible and such an amazing gift for her

  15. bek says:

    Mum would love the white orchid, she’s been wanting one for some time now but is worried that she won’t care for it right. I told her she is the most caring person I know and it would thrive just like me 😉

  16. Belinda B says:

    My pick is Rose Sweet Delight …it is a perfect representation of my Mum…Mum’s sweet and gorgeous like the roses but very humble and down to earth like the hessian trim <3

  17. Annette W. says:

    The Purple Orchid because she will enjoy ‘nurturing’it.

  18. I would give my mummy tulips, they are so colourful and she needs brightening up. I love my mummy.

  19. Singapore Orchids – Pink Elegance this is what my mum is to me 🙂

  20. Nicole Brady says:

    I would want mum to tip-toe through the vivid tulips.
    Such a happy flower to bring a smile to her face.

  21. Emma Puszkar says:

    Disbuds – Pink Blessings…… Reminds me of visits to my Nan’s garden and picking flowers for her and mum when we visited xx

  22. Greg Broad says:

    Roses sweet delight are beautiful for a beautiful lady.

  23. I would send my mum Tulips – Vivid as she colours my heart.

  24. charlotte says:

    I would send my mum the tickled pink to brighten up her day… There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh roses and she deserves a surprise on her doorstep

  25. Emily says:

    The Purple Orchids are to sneeze for!!!! I would choose them for my step-mum because she’s awesome and she loves orchids!

  26. Vicki Mac-Lim says:

    Gerberas- Colours burst, Blooming Bright and Beautiful Just like my mammie 🙂

  27. R. McCarthy says:

    MY mum just lost her mum so mothers day will be a little sad this year but beautiful Tulips – Vivid In Glass Vase would sure cheer her up as there her favourite!!!

  28. Siobhan says:

    I’d send Mum the Roses – Sweet Delight as they are her favourite bloom and would look stunning in an old vase she owns

  29. The gorgeous Singapore Orchids – Pink Elegance,
    For the beauty and fragrance.
    They are sure to last a while,
    So she’ll have an extended smile!

  30. cass says:

    Mum would be absolutely thrilled with the vivid tulips. Last year Mum went to Singapore, she loves tulips and flowers so much that she timed the visit for when the annual tulip display was taking place. Mum STILL talks about it practically every day, I’d love for her to have her own tulips and to have a little reminder of that special trip…and to remind her how special she is 🙂

  31. Kate Dvornik says:

    The Vivid Tulips because tulips are her favourite and I know they’d bring a smile top her face!

  32. cassidy logue says:

    Tickled Pink because My mother would be Tickled Pink to get a bunch of

  33. Allison says:

    Sitting, relaxing cradling her cup,
    Hooray, Finally feet going up.
    Unmistakably Yes “Lovely Lilacs” she’ll Adore,
    Stunningly Gorgeous from the Fresh Flower Store.

  34. jlbuh says:

    My mum is in love with Singapore Orchids. The Pink Elegance would mean a very special mothers day for her.

  35. t barb says:

    Pure Blessings for my mum. Showing her how much we love her.

  36. Maria says:

    Tickled Pink. My 82 year old Mum has never seen a pink rose or carnation that she didn’t love.

  37. Jess says:

    Tickled Pink, because that arrangement is beautiful

  38. Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid, a gorgeous gift that keeps on giving and living.

  39. blakester says:

    Vibrant Mixed Posy In Fireman Sam Truck. For my sister who is a new mum. Making her first Mothers Day extremely special.

  40. Tulips Vivid – Mum is a colourful character who brightens up everyone she meets – she’s so blooming lovely that this gift would be a mirror image of herself

  41. sam says:

    Oriental Lilies in Vogue White – this arrangement is ‘scent’sational and would be welcomed with open arms, and go perfectly with her vogue decor.

  42. Louise L says:

    Tickled Pink as I know she would be tickled pink in receiving them

  43. Brooke says:

    Tickled pink because they are a beautiful bunch of flowers that my mum would be so happy to receive

  44. “The Country Rose” is a beautiful display
    my Mum would love to have on this Mothers Day.
    My Mum is so special and I want her to see
    just how much she means to me.

  45. sue petrie says:

    Roses – Sweet Delight
    do you hear my plight
    love my mum to see
    this delightful sight
    all these blooms
    she is in home
    and need a lift
    thats why she would just love these delightful sight

  46. Jan O'Bree says:

    Tickled Pink are really gorgeous! Her favourite colours and loving the Hessian trim! Just beautiful!

  47. Lisa D says:

    The vivid tulips for my glorious Mum
    All who see their bright colour succumb
    to the vibrancy and spirit from within
    brings pleasure, can’t help but grin.
    So like my Mother, truly a gift
    deserves to be spoiled, given a lift.

  48. Kirsten W says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I’d send Mum some chocolates,
    Cause flowers make her go ACHOO!

  49. Chantal says:

    My Mum does so much for us, it would be the perfect way to say thanks, with a “Sweet Sentiment.

  50. Tulips – Vivid
    Her absolute favourite 🙂

  51. the tickled pink would make her ecstatic

  52. I would give my mum the “pure blessings” because she is such a blessing to us. She helps us so much with the kids and has always been there.

  53. Tanya Dick says:

    Hi there
    I would choose Tickled Pink for my mum as she is always tickled pknk when she gets a surprise!
    She is always helping others!
    Thanks Tanya

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