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10 Quick Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Eco-friendly living brings a range of advantages – not only will you be taking positive action for the environment, you will also have the opportunity to recoup savings on your power bill.

Consultation with energy experts, such as Australian Solar Quotes is always recommended and will enlighten you to ways that your home can be renovated or changed to bTen Quick Tips For Eco Friendly Living2e more eco-friendly. You will also be informed about a number of lifestyle practices that can be easily implemented and used around the home.

So, what are ten of the best tips for eco-friendly living that will also save you money?

Ensure your home is well-insulated
Insulation material can be effective in sealing the inside from the outside of your home. Ultimately, the cost of heating and cooling well-insulated homes is lower and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

Refuse vampire energy
Many people do not realise that when appliances are plugged into an electrical outlet that is left switched on, they continue to draw power. Vampire energy is the name given to this effect. Although the appliance may not be in operation, the fact that the unit has been left on at the power point means that power is being used and you are paying for it. The very best (and easiest) way to counter this, is to turn off all power points when they are not in use.

Choose energy efficient appliances
Kitchen and bathroom appliances tend to consume significant energy in most homes. Of course, heavy power consumption is environmentally damaging and financially expensive, so focus on the energy star rating of appliances such as: refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines when selecting appliances. Realise that the more stars an appliance has, the more eco-friendly the appliance will be and, therefore, less expensive to run.

Clean your home with eco-friendly home ingredients
Not only are many cleaning products expensive, they are decidedly eco-unfriendly because so many are manufactured using crude oil. There is no good reason for the cleaning of your home to harm the environment. Ingredients commonly found around the home are also very effective cleaners. Use baking soda,vinegar, and salt for to hygienically clean your home at a very low cost.

Plan your meals ahead of time
In the kitchen, the amount of food waste that you create can be markedly reduced by planning your meals in advance. When you know exactly what you will cook, you are likely to buy only what you need. Of course, it is also advantageous to buy in bulk whenever possible.

Reuse shopping bags
Still on the subject of shopping, you should take your reusable shopping bags with you when you head to the stores. This way, you can meaningfully contribute to a reduction in the number of plastic bags that end up in landfill.

Reuse jars and containers
Although you can recycle glass jars, rinsing and cleaning them out allows you to give them a new purpose. Jars and containers can be reused for food storage, but can also be refreshed as a vase, a mini terrarium, a candle holder or storage container for craft and stationery.

Use timers for your lights
It’s expensive and a definite waste of energy to unnecessarily leave lights illuminated. By purchasing timers and Ten quick tips for eco friendly livingprogramming them to turn lights on and off at the times you select, you will be making a positive contribution to the environment and reducing your power expenditure.

Choose low-VOC or VOC-free paints
Many damaging chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be found in solvent-borne paints. These chemicals can cause ozone layer damage and a range of short-term and long-term health problems. Exposure to these VOCs can be managed by opting for low-VOC or VOC-free paints when you are painting inside or outside of your home.

Choose renewable energy
Investing in solar panels for your home does involve a financial outlay, but the financial savings that are made on energy bills are quickly felt. Solar power and other forms of renewable energy help to protect the environment.

There are so many ways to live in a way that is eco-friendly. When eco-friendly practices are adopted, the environment benefits and, as the bill-payer of your home, you have the opportunity to enjoy reduced energy consumption costs.

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