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6 Essentials To Pack In Your Baby Hospital Bag

6 Essentials To Pack In Your Hospital Baby BagSo you’re approaching your due date, or as I referred to it, D-Day. Terrifying and exciting all wrapped up in the one. A great way to reduce any fears and anxieties you may have around the birth is to be as prepared as you can. A key way to do this is to have your hospital bag packed and waiting by the front door or in the car. So what do you need to take to hospital? Here were my top 6 essentials:

Snacks and drinks
You’ve probably read it time and time again; labour is called that for a reason! It’s hard work, particularly if things take longer than expected. To keep yourself going, you need energy and water. Obviously a three course meal is not on the menu. You need energy fast and to be able to eat quickly and safely in between contractions. Energy drinks, soft lollies and muesli bars are some things that worked well for me. You’ll sweat a lot and all the heavy breathing makes your mouth drier than the Simpson Desert, so staying hydrated is critical. As labour progresses, you’ll be unable to move or talk during contractions. Take a straw or water bottle that you can squirt water from so your birth partner can offer this to you as you rest between contractions.

Your first shower post birth will be one of the best showers you’ve ever had in your life! Take some of your own toiletries and luxuriate in the warmth of the shower to ease your aching body. I recommend you throw in a washer, toothbrush and the easily forgotten hairbrush. Lip balm can also be useful as hospitals tend to use air conditioning that can quickly dry out your lips. I also found I wanted to wash my hair after birth to get that totally clean feeling, so pop in a little bottle of shampoo.

Comfy clothes
You’ll need roomy and comfortable clothes. At the top of my list was my much beloved track pants and loose, button-up tops. A dressing gown and slippers are also really great items to have on hand as they can quickly be taken off and put on again when visitors pop in.

Take loads of comfy undies, and remember that after birth you will need maternity pads. The hospital may give you some to start you off, but pack your own just in case. Tampons are not recommended that soon after birth. Talk to your Midwife for more information and advice.

Breastfeeding tops
Newborns feed a lot! When they’re hungry, they want to be fed NOW. So pack some tops suitable for breastfeeding. There are loads of clever breastfeeding tops available now so you’ll be spoilt for choice. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on them. Check out discount online retailers like Maternity Sale Australia for some inspiration.

6 Essentials To Pack In Your Hospital Baby Bag2Time Eaters
If you have gone into hospital a little earlier than expected, you may find yourself waiting and waiting and waiting for bub to come. As chatty as that new mummy to be in the next bed is, there is a good chance there will be periods of time you will be looking for something to do. Consider packing something to read, listen to or play. Download some new apps beforehand and try not to finish them before you get to hospital. I also recommend you take paper and a pen. I found I wanted to write down my thoughts and enjoyed list making, a true nesting characteristic for sure!

Baby stuff 
How could we forget bubba!! They of course will need some of their own gear. Several all-in-one suits are essential, followed closely by singlets, bonnets, socks and nappies. Most all-in-one suits have roll over cuffs for the hands and feet, but if you buy ones that don’t, socks and mittens are important. Hospitals are generally quite cool environments, so you want to make sure your new bundle of joy stays snugly and warm. Some soap free wash is also a great idea for their first bath.

Some mums-to-be know they’ll be in hospital for a bit, but even if you’re planning a short stay, it’s always good to take more than you need. Birth and babies can be highly unpredictable so having things on hand in case you end up staying in hospital longer than expected, makes life much easier. Now, get packing!

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