Published On: Mon, Nov 17th, 2014

Must Read Books for your Preschooler

Danielle Mantakoul

preschool books1Rose Meets Mr Wintergarten
By Bob Graham

Mr Wintergarten lives next door to Rose but keeps very much to himself. This gets stories moving between the children in the neighbourhood on the type of person Mr Wintergarten is. One day as the children play, their ball accidently gets kicked over the fence onto Mr Wintergarten’s property. Rose’s mother suggest they simply knock on the door and ask for the ball back, Rose however is not so sure. A beautiful story about understanding others, empathy, old age and loneliness.

The Tiger Who Camepreschool books2 to Tea
By Judith Kerr

Sophie and her mother are interrupted during their afternoon tea by a knock at the door. When they open it they are surprised to see a great big tiger who invites himself in to join them. Children delight at seeing the friendly but cocky tiger eat and drink them out of house and home while Sophie and her mother are happy to please their guest with everything from sandwiches to milk and even Daddies dinner! Kids love the chaos the tiger creates in this story but enjoy the problem solving the story provides them with in the end when Daddy gets home.

Are preschool books3You My Mother?
By P. D. Eastman

A mother bird sits on her egg until she decides she must go and search for food before her baby hatches. While she is gone baby bird enters the world and instantly begins looking for her. After falling out of the tree he wanders off looking for her, running into an array of animals and things that he believes could be his mother. Children enjoy the humour in this book, smiling every time baby bird asks a creature or thing “are you my mother”? In the end baby bird is returned home by a most unusual hero.

Harrypreschool books4 the Dirty Dog
By Gene Zion

Harry like many a dog is not too fussed on having a bath. One bath day, he outsmarts his family running away from the house and engaging in some very dirty activities! When Harry arrives home now a black dog with white spots rather than a white dog with black spots, the family wonders who this strange dog is. This gets Harry believing perhaps a bath is not such a bad idea after all, racing to dig up the scrubbing brush he previously buried to get the message across.

Cappreschool books5s for Sale
By Esphyr Slobodkina

This is the story about a peddler and some most mischief monkeys.The peddler sells caps, lots of caps, but one day after no such luck with selling, he takes a break under a tree. While napping, the monkeys take his caps. The peddler must then work out how he can outsmart the monkeys if he wants to get his caps back. A most humorous story with an ending that highlights monkey see monkey do! Great story to encourage problem solving in kids.

preschool books6

Owl Babies
By Martin Waddell

Three baby owls wait for their mother to return. As they wait they feel afraid. There is movement and strange noises all around them. Children can relate to that unsettling feeling on not knowing exactly where mum may be, but as we see, she always comes back. This is one book my preschoolers ask for time and time again.

preschool books7My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes
By Eve Sutton

An oldie but a goodie. This book uses rhyme and silliness to grab the attention of the child. Kids love listening to the amazing things cats around the world are doing, while the narrators cat simply likes to hide in boxes. The illustrations will have you and the kids giggling and the repetition in the story will be well received by the kids and give them the opportunity to feel as if they too are reading the book.

preschool books8Danny in the Toybox
By Richard Tulloch

Every child and parent can relate to Danny. He’s angry, very angry, and as a result puts himself into the toybox. Family members one by one try to coax him out but it’s no good. He’s simply too cross and announces to all who try to talk to him that he is never, ever, ever coming out. In the end when Danny is left alone, he quietly climbs out of the box, takes himself downstairs for ice-cream and for the life of him can’t remember what he was so angry about. Great book to encourage kids to talk about strategies on how to deal with anger.

These must read books for your preschooler are not only stories to warm the heart, but filled with lessons aimed perfectly at the preschool age group. Happy reading.

By Danielle Mantakoul
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