Kristy Goodwin

Dr Kristy Goodwin is a children’s technology, learning & development expert (and Mum!), on a mission to help today’s confused and concerned parents and educators feel confident raising and teaching kids in the digital age. She’s the Director at Every Chance to Learn and an Honorary Associate At Macquarie university. Kristy’s a speaker who combines practical strategies with the latest research to empower time-poor parents and educators to make sense of this brave, new world in which they’re raising digital kids (without having to ban the iPad or switch off the TV).

Does Wi-Fi have implications on our kids health
By Kristy Goodwin On Monday, July 6th, 2015

WiFi and Kids Health – long term implications? By Dr. Kristy Goodwin

WiFi seems to be everywhere today. But what are the long term implications on our children’s health? There’s some preliminary research, from a range of disciplines indicating that EMR exposure, especially for More...

Children's Health in a Digital Age
By Kristy Goodwin On Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Children’s Health in a Digital Age – do we need to worry? By Dr Kristy Goodwin

Today’s children often learn to tap, swipe and pinch before they’ve learnt to tie their shoelaces or ride a bike. They’re growing up in a world immersed in screens (no wonder they assume every screen is a More...