Published On: Mon, Jul 24th, 2017

Beachbox – perfect sandplay for small outdoor spaces

This is a beachbox. Unlike a sandpit, it is small and easily moveable making it perfect for sand play when you have a small outdoor space such as a courtyard or balcony. Here you can see small dolls and shells have been added to the beachbox but you can easily change the feel of your box by what you add to the sand. We have chosen a basket here to hold our sand, but also using an old suitcase works well. Ensure whatever you choose has a lid and that you don’t fill it with too much sand if this is something you will want to move often. ┬áTry some of these ideas for your beachbox:

  • Small cars and trucks
  • Fairies
  • Small kitchen items such as measuring spoons, cups and ice trays, makes for great mini sandplay
  • Tiny dolls
  • Your child’s favourite small toys like Shopkins or Littlest Pets
  • Bury small sparkly items for your child to treasure hunt with a sieve
  • Small plastic frogs, spiders, worms and all that good stuff








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