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Becoming a Health and Fitness Role Model for your Kids

dr jeremyYour child learns how to walk, talk, and interact with the world around them by watching you. So their health and fitness habits should be no different! The way you relate to food, whether you exercise (or not), and how you feel about yourself all carries over into your child’s perception of what is right and wrong. To start instilling healthy habits early in life it’s not enough to serve your child a balanced meal – you have to eat it too. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Working exercise into daily life
Does the thought of going to the gym send you for the couch instead? You’re certainly not alone! But your kids will see that and associate exercise with negativity. Even if you find lifting weights dull and can’t concentrate in your yoga class, remember that there are seemingly infinite ways to stay active. In fact, some of the best ways to stay active can be family activities as well! Taking a walk along the beach together, going for a family bike ride, playing football in the park, or taking surfing lessons are all ways to get physical minus the gym. Your kids will associate exercise with leisure time rather than making it a chore.

Teaching healthy mealtime habits
You already know that the food you feed your children could impact how they eat as adults, but did you know that what you eat in front of them matters too? Families that eat together tend to enjoy more balanced diets. This can be difficult when we’re all so busy these days, but eating meals as a family or cooking together can be one of the most effective ways to model good nutrition. Let them see you eating your fruit and veg, practicing portion control, and cooking from fresh ingredients and they’ll want to take part as well. Above all, avoid eating in front of the television. This is a hard habit to break once it’s instilled, and can cause all of you to eat more than you mean to.

Explaining beauty treatments
Approaching the subject of beauty treatments with young girls is a tricky one – ideally, you want them to be happy in their own skin! So how do you answer when your daughter starts asking you why you put on makeup, or even begin to explain when you alter your own appearance with cosmetic surgery? The first thing is to be aware that your children will notice when mummy suddenly looks different, so this is something to think about as you mull over getting any procedure done. Whether it’s a new shade of lipstick or for example procedures like breast augmentation performed by Dr Jeremy Hunt in Sydney, the best approach may be to simply say that it makes you happy. Focus on the mental happiness and well-being you feel internally, rather than focusing on trying to look better for other people, and this self-confidence will shine through to your child.

Modelling positive, healthy behaviour is not only good for our kids; it’s great for us too. Work on a healthy lifestyle both inside and out and you’ll be giving your little ones the best possible start in life!

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