Published On: Thu, Feb 20th, 2014

Body Reset

body reset1I know it quite well. I have seen it 100’s of times and god knows I lived it for years. Working my butt off to try to lose the squish for that special vacation, event, a milestone, even a birthday, to only reach my goal and then celebrate with all the foods I’ve missed!

When working out, I’d pride myself on cutting out unhealthy foods for two weeks; I’d hit the cardio and lose that extra squish. I’d even envision myself rocking that bathing suit and have all these images in my head, to only be discouraged by day two and find that everything I bought is now too tight on me.

After a week, you come to a realization that all the weight you lost before that event has now rushed its way back to your thighs and abdomen, bringing along some new friends!! Then you question everything, at the top of your lungs you yell to the world, “WHY ME?!?”

There is a fancy science that I learned about at the start of my journey that will always stay with me. I say it to other women, who like me at the point in my life, are struggling to lose the weight. I want to share the knowledge I’ve collected throughout the years with you.

Our bodies really are brilliant and definitely not a fan of change. In all your years of eating, your body has come into a “set position.” Just like a personal thermostat but instead of a temperature, it is your number on a scale, your BMI (body mass index).

This means your body is not in its happy place. When you change how you eat, your body reacts by metaphorically saying, “Hold on here, what’s going on?” soon after, it reminds itself, “Don’t worry, she’s done this before and I know it won’t last long. Hunker down and hold onto the fat cells, I’ll make her work for it!”

This is the fun that happens, you pour your heart and soul into your workout for maybe ten days, you get all your workouts in, stick to your eating plan, say no to booze and that warm bread. You then hop on the scale a week later to see the same number you started with. No change!

This is where many of us throw in the towel. We feel we are destined to live in this body, that being a mum has made this our new body, that being over 40 years old has made this our new body, that being a full time worker has made this our body. NO! In truth, this is just your body trying to fight and challenge you.

You have to have the willpower and strength to push through; it’s up to you to show your body you mean it this time. Prove that this is not like all the other times, that this is the time you are in it for life, health and energy. So keep going, you create your own healthy habits and this is how your body rewards you. It may be two weeks, maybe 30 days or even six weeks, but one day you’ll wake up and realize the fruits of your labor start to show and you feel amazing. This is when your mind might revert back to its old ways.

It is crucial you maintain your new body weight for 6-9 months to totally reset that thermostat. If you lost 20 pobody reset2unds and are able to keep it off for a month, but start doing less workouts, drinking less water and increase your sugar intake, your body will bounce right back to its initial weight.

However, if you make new habits and lifestyle changes, you can retune that body to being the best working machine possible. So next time you go away on vacation and indulge, or have that celebratory meal once a week, you’re still able to maintain that new body you worked so hard to achieve.

In this fast pace world, we all want results right away but don’t want to work for it. I am sorry, but there is effort and dedication involved in this journey. Good things come to those who wait, but only left by those who hustle.

You need to want to work hard and make changes. Is a six month journey to a new body worth it? If yes, then scream it to the world, but most importantly, believe it.

By Carol Elizabeth 2014
Copyright 2014

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