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Brisbane’s Most Rewarding Suburbs To Invest Your Money

Brisbanes Most Rewarding Suburbs To Invest Your MoneyBrisbane is an increasingly popular option for property investment. Brisbane’s appeal as a property investment destination is increasing, particularly for people from Sydney and Melbourne (as well as a host of international cities) where purchasing a property is often very expensive.

Across Australia, some property markets have shown signs of recovery. In some suburbs over the last twelve months, sellers achieved significantly more from the sale of their property than the amount they paid for it’s purchase.

A price for quality
While trends are observed in the suburbs that achieve the best and worst returns for vendors, quality homes always represent a sound investment. Professional home building companies with a strong and reputable reputation, such as Coral Homes, consistently build homes that satisfy the desires of their clients, appreciate in value and achieve positive returns when sold.

The house situation in Brisbane
Recent RP Data analysis of profit making sales shows that, for the quarter, just eight Brisbane suburbs achieved a greater sale price than the amount for which the relevant properties were last purchased. Of all Brisbane’s suburbs, Nundah achieved the best result for house sales, with all 63 houses sold during the quarter achieving a higher sale price than their purchase price.

Considering only the top eight suburbs in terms of their house sales, houses in Albion achieved the highest gain on sales. In this suburb, the gain on sales was $459,641. Mount Ommaney performed next best, followed by Nundah. The figures released by RP Data suggest that Nundah homeowners are generally happy to stay where they are. The suburb achieves an average hold period of 10.4 years for homeowners.

Other suburbs to achieve 100 per cent positive sales:
Following Nundah, the other Brisbane suburbs to achieve positive gains for vendors were (in order):

  • Mount Gravatt
  • Rocklea
  • Riverview
  • Albion
  • Mount Ommaney
  • Park Ridge South
  • Dinmore

Why Nundah?
It’s not too difficult to understand why Nundah holds such great appeal for buyers. The suburb is chBrisbanes Most Rewarding Suburbs To Invest Your Money2aracterised by a broad demographic of people and a broad range of properties. Nundah also has the advantages of being closely located to the Brisbane CBD and airport and Nundah Village is popular with visitors and locals.

Another feature of Nundah that helps it achieve such positive sales is its proximity to the blue chip suburbs of Clayfield and Woolowin. Property professionals also recognise that development in Nundah, coupled with new infrastructure, has boosted property demand in the suburb. Nundah is particularly sought after by families. On average, houses in Nundah are on the market for 66 days before being sold. The average for Brisbane is 83 days.

Other high performing suburbs
Brisbane suburbs Aspley, The Gap, Camp Hill and Runcorn are acknowledged as high transaction locations. Although not all sales in these suburbs returned a profit, solid results were observed in each location, with 95 to 97 per cent of sales making a profit.

In Ascot, not all house sales achieved a profit for their vendors. However, 98 per cent of vendors in this area made more than they originally paid for the property. With an average gain of $527,607, Ascot achieved the highest gain for house sales across Brisbane.

The unit situation in Brisbane:
For units, the suburb of Rochedale performed best, with an average gain of $334,264. With this said, only 14 units were sold in Rochedale during the three month period.

Brisbane is an attractive location for many people to invest in property. By doing your research and knowing which suburbs perform best, you are well positioned to target an area that delivers most positive gains for property owners.

If you are looking to invest, ensure you seek the advice of property & finance professionals who can advise you and help with your individual situation.

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